Consultants, Residential, and Commercial

  • Soil & Groundwater Sampling
    Our Geoprobe direct push technology can be used to perform a variety of services relating to the testing of soil and groundwater at commercial, industrial and residential sites.
  • Monitoring Well Installation
    Our experienced well drillers have the capability to install 2 and 4 inch monitoring wells. We also use geoprobes 3.75” direct push system to install 2 inch prepacked wells.
  • Well Abandonment
    FEI has the ability to plan and direct all phases of a well abandonment project and ensure that all of the necessary regulatory requirements are met.
  • Air Rotary Drilling
    Our air drill is a strong, versatile 6 inch Mincon Down Hole Hammer to install 2 inch wells through tough consolidated formations.
  • Well Repairs
    FEI can rehabilitate existing wells that have dropped in capacity or been shut down due to unforeseen circumstances
  • Air Knifing
    Comprehensive and cost effective vacuum excavation service used to locate underground utilities or to excavate a hole 5-8 feet deep prior to drilling or geoprobing.
  • Geotechnical Borings
    We have the ability to use the Geoprobe auto hammer to perform standard penetration testing to various depths for roadways, new construction and helical piles.
  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Electromagnetic Scanning (EM)
    We provide GPR and EM services through our partner company Foresight Locating, LLC.

Available Equipment

  • Geoprobe 54LT
    For areas with limited access and general Soil & Groundwater Sampling
  • Geoprobe 6610DT
    For 2″ & 4″ monitoring wells, and deeper than average borings
  • Geoprobe 7822DT
    For for deep borings or wells, and faster drilling
  • VacMaster 1000
    Airknifing, soft digging, and utility locating
  • Utilavac – VE75
  • Geoprobe Manual Sampling Equipment
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